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Cyber Security: Protect Against the Evolving Threats Be sure your business data is properly secured, and you are able to bounce back quickly when incidents occur. Hear about the latest in cyber security from our President and CEO, Lisa Niekamp Urwin.

Ensuring Your Business is Properly Insured and Secured: Why You Need Cyber Liability Insurance and Cyber Security. Join our President and CEO along with members of the Preferred Risk Solutions and Cowbell Cyber teams as they outline why cyber liability and cyber security are crucial concerns for business owners and what you can do to protect your investment.

Think You are too Small to be Hacked? See How a Breach Can Happen in Real Time! Join our President and CEO along with members of the Blackpoint Cyber team as they walk you through a hackers view of your network. See how vulnerable your systems may be and what you can do to secure your data.

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Microsoft Defender for Office365 Protection The layers of protection working in the background to keep your data safe throughout the Microsoft365 products.

Microsoft365 Advanced Threat Protection What is it and how is it working for you with your Microsoft365 subscription?

Microsoft Windows 10: The User Experience What you need to know to best utilize Windows 10 along with a few tips and tricks.

Microsoft 365: Meet Your Business Needs in One Package An overview of Microsoft365 and all of it’s available tools for your business.

Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams: The Go-To Combination. Three great Microsoft products that will help your team collaborate in real-time in a secure environment.

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication: Why MFA? MFA is an absolute must and the easiest way you personally can help protect your information. #ttecht #securelywiredtothecloud #microsoft365 #microsoftmfa #microsoftpartner #MFA

Microsoft Mobile: There’s an App for That. We know you are likely to utilize several mobile apps throughout your day. Are you getting the most out of your Microsoft products with their mobile apps?

Microsoft Viva: An Exciting New Experience. We cannot wait to show you this new and exciting program! Watch our first ever session on the newest Microsoft Platform: VIVA!!!

Microsoft Forms & Bookings: 2 Great Tools to Streamline Daily Tasks. These 2 tools were created to help you collect the information you need with less back and forth. Get answers to your questions and schedule important meetings with little effort on your part. Set it and let it do the work for you.

Microsoft Power Automate: Improve Productivity with Automation. Automation is everywhere. With Power Automate, you can streamline your business processes and get more done in less time.

Microsoft OneNote: The Highly Organized Digital Collaborative Notebook. No need to search your bag and flip through the pages to find where you wrote that important note. Using OneNote you can easily find those important thoughts and collaborate with your team.

Microsoft Planner: Your Digital Personal & Professional Organizer. We all need organization to stay up to date on tasks throughout our personal and professional lives. Planner allows you to organize both yourself and your team to get the job done.

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