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Cyber Security: Be Aware of the Latest Concerns! Are you concerned about your personal and company data? You should be. Katie helps you catch you up on the latest cyber security concerns.

Microsoft Outlook: Get the Most from Your Mail and Calendar Have you been using outlook for years and you just keep using the same few features you are accustomed to? If that sounds like you or if you are looking for a different email and calendar option, join Katie for our next webinar.

Microsoft OneNote: Your Digital Notebook On Demand Do you LOVE a paper notebook, but do not want to lug the book around... or risk losing it? If you do, OneNote is for you!

Microsoft Planner Prioritize and Organize Your Team on Demand Was better organization on your resolution list this year? Are you still looking for the best tool to help you reach your goal?

Microsoft Teams: Meeting Your Business Needs Gone are the days of having to be in the cubicle next to your coworker or wait for hours or days for a response to an email only to find they didn’t attach it. Now you can work together in real time from anywhere with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft OneNote: Your Digital Notebook On Demand Do you LOVE a paper notebook, but do not want to lug the book around... or risk losing it? If you do, OneNote is for you!

National Technology Day: Focus on Cyber Security Join Katie as she dives deeper into Cyber Security on National Technology Day. Be sure you are aware of the dangers and threats to your business and personal data. Gain an understanding of the harm that could be done and what you can do now to protect your business and yourself.

SharePoint and OneDrive: Helping your team work! Share Point and One Drive, you have heard of them and may use them, but do you know the differences between the two, and which is a better solution for your daily work life? Join Katie as she breaks down the differences in the two programs and ask questions to learn more about how these solutions help your team work.

Outlook, how it works for you! More than just a catchy name, Outlook is there for you when you need it. Join us to learn how this tool does far more than just send a basic email.

Microsoft Teams - An Amazing Tool for Every Business: In the business world, you have heard about Microsoft Teams, but have you utilized this PHENOMENAL tool to its’ full potential? An outstanding benefit to your business productivity, Teams keeps your staff on the same page and streamlines working together both face to face and remotely. Let us walk you through and answer your questions about this app.

2 Underutilized Tools- Forms and Power Automate: You have likely heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” We know you work hard, so let us help you with the working “smarter” portion. Join us for 30 minutes or less and learn how to gather data with Forms and automate your day with Power Automate.

Using To Do and Lists For Time Management: We know you have several tasks on your list daily and the list likely changes and grows regularly. Learn how to manage that list more effectively, while ensuring you do not forget important to-dos throughout your day/week/month or year.

11 Tips to Using OneNote Like a Pro: A great way to get organized. OneNote lets you create simple or complex notes from scratch, organize them into searchable, browsable notebooks, and sync them among a variety of platforms, including Windows PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones, Android devices and the web.

How to Eliminate the Tag Team in Booking Appointments: Have you ever played tag to get an appointment with someone? Now with your Microsoft subscription you can eliminate the tag team game!

5 Ways to Sway that You Can’t Do With PowerPoint: Do you ever wonder about what Microsoft Sway can do for your business? Join us for a course on creating reports, newsletters, personal stories, a photo album, or a visual trip report using this handy tool.

How to Turn Microsoft Planner from Zero to Hero: In this session, Katie will show you how Microsoft Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.

Making Windows 10 Work for You: We'll take a look at how you can optimize Windows 10; introduce the new apps, installing devices, managing your identity, organizing files and folders, maintaining security, installing updates and MORE!

Microsoft Teams: Collaborating with your colleagues has never been easier than with Microsoft Teams. Let's take a look at how you can use these features of Teams: persistent chat, video meetings, file storage (includes collaborating on files), and application integration.

TTechT Learning Center: This event is for end users who are interested in getting the most out of their Microsoft Office products, cyber-security and business best practices. We offer a FREE 14-day trial period, and can help you customize your learning skill-path to suite your needs.

Discover 10 Things Microsoft Teams has Updated in the Past Month: Microsoft continues to roll-out some fantastic updates to one of our favorite collaboration tools. We will start with the very basics of when to use meetings vs. live events, what you can do with Teams channels, and integrating your other favorite apps.

Nextiva Phone System: Do you have a business phone system that goes where you go, grows when you grow and is future proof? This webinar is for anyone currently using the Nextiva phone system or in the market for a new phone system. We will review general use, the app, setting your out of office, and setting your business holiday/vacation schedules.

Password Management Tool: What does a Password Management Tool do for me; why is this better than writing it down on paper; how do I know it is secure; why not save my passwords in my browser - WATCH TONY HACK A BROWSER!

Word, Excel and PowerPoint: In each application, you will learn about the interface, functionality of each application, and how to present your data in a professional way. This webinar is for anyone wishing to gain a foundational understanding of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

How to Improve Collaboration in These Unprecedented Times: Rafe and Katie are going to share with you ways that companies can improve their collaboration efforts. Your internal web site - SharePoint can bring news, calendars and lots of information to all employees no matter where they are!

Katie is going to share with you current exploits that are happening every day with COVID-19, PPP, and all the latest buzz words. You will want to attend this session so you know what to be on the look-out for!

Katie is going to share with you 5 things you can do with Outlook that can save you time and money! You will want to attend this session so you know what you can do better, faster, and more efficiently with Outlook!