Proactive technology management and maintenance for busy business owners like you

Our Managed Technology Services are customized for our clients. Whether it’s assessment or deployment, all aspects of your IT support are personalized so it matches your unique business needs and goals.

Whether you need to outsource your entire IT department to us, or just need a partner to handle more complex tasks such as data backups or network security, our offerings are designed in a way that lets you get more value for money. Our packages include services such as IT maintenance, on-site support services, event management, network security, HIPAA compliance, help desk support, employee training, data backup, business continuity planning, and network infrastructure monitoring — everything you need to get IT off your plate so you can focus on your business.

Businesses that benefit the most from our Managed Technology Services are those that:

  • Need access to their computer network, email, database, and internet 24/7/365 without problems
  • Value the security of their data, and want to do everything possible to prevent loss, corruption, or theft
  • Want to maximize the speed, availability, and performance of their network
  • Dread dealing with computer problems and other complexities of operating a computer network
  • Don’t have the time or qualified employees to deal with computer network maintenance

If any of these descriptions fit your organization, then it’s time to get in touch with one of our technicians and let the TTechT team take care of your technology.