“They always have a Plan”

“They always have a Plan”

I was intrigued by the newsletter that Lisa Urwin mailed out regularly so, when I decided that when we had a problem it was costing me too much time, money, and frustration, they were one of the two companies I called. I could not afford the time to have someone take a few days to fix my computer. I don't know how to set up wireless hardware. It seemed every time I bought a new item it took me at least a day to tie it into what I had.

I felt that we were too small to afford to enroll in this type of service, but I am also smart enough to foresee that if I can't handle installing hardware or even software without a headache, I would have a mess on my hands if we had a catastrophic hack. I bit the bullet and enrolled and am so happy to say the peace of mind has lifted a burden.

I have since talked to other small business owners that I have admired in the area and am surprised at how many of them do not have the protection I have. Since enrolling in the SMaRT service, I can say I have not had any troubles that have delayed my ability to work. I am very happy to know that for less than we pay for any other utility each month, I am covered.

In Lisa's newsletters she wrote of the issues that may not have affected me yet but definitely could. They were issues that I would have never expected could happen and, I needed to know the risk about the potential problems. I could definitely see that when we took our accounting system to the cloud we would be even more vulnerable.

We really don't have a plan as to how we will grow or expand but, I am not worried that we will have a problem adding new hardware and software or that our information won't be safe. I don't have to spend time researching each new feature on the virus protection plans, or worrying that I chose the wrong one. I don't understand most of the jargon anyway. I feel confident letting TTT chose and protect me. They have the plan!

G & L Sales & Service, Yorkshire, Ohio