“A successful business can’t afford to be down”

“A successful business can’t afford to be down”

Having a reliable, secure, “always on” network is important to our business because, we depend upon the reliable network to communicate with customers, vendors and employees, process customer orders and credit card payments and share data within the office.

Before switching to Lisa’s Services, we were spending too much time and money trying to troubleshoot and repair network issues ourselves. We have the benefit of assurance that if our network goes down for whatever reason we can contact TTechT Support and have a technician available within a reasonable time frame. This allows the employees to stay focused on their job responsibilities and greatly reduce inefficiencies due to the network being down.

We can contact TTechT Support with one click from any workstation to create a ticket. This takes a screenshot of the issue we are having and provides the necessary information to the technician.

We definitely recommend Tomorrow’s Technology Today because, a successful business cannot afford to be down and have employees unable to assist customers in a timely fashion. In addition, TTechT provides data backup, manages software updates and provides spam control so we don’t have to worry about managing those time consuming issues.

S.I. Distributing Inc., Spencerville, Ohio