“I can see the difference between TTechT and the other consultant”

“I can see the difference between TTechT and the other consultant”

We started out on a contract with TTechT for setting up a virtual private network for our robot. George did a wonderful job and we had little to no problems when the robot went live. Then problems arose with the robot communicating to our software. The network that was installed had nothing to do with this communication problem. George came in and quietly went around doing his job and not distracting the staff. I was very pleased with the service. We have little to no problems with the network installed by TTechT.

When we worked with another IT Consulting Team we seemed to have problems from time to time and they were never able to pinpoint the problem the consultant or the associate at the software company.

Yes, there was a price difference, but since we have been we TTechT we have felt very confident in the services that we are receiving. We decided to change our contract to the SMaRT services that they offer. It is a maintained prevention contract that provides us with on time updates and protection. In hindsight, I can see the difference between TTechT and the other consultant. The consultant also had never before did what we started out with TTechT.

As far as monitoring and benefits, it is amazing to be able to contact TTechT and someone is usually available to handle questions and to address the issues evenly remotely without having to step into the store. The monitoring of viruses and spamming has been eliminated. Knowing that our software is being updated daily with patches and the call when a battery needs to be replaced is special (not a surprise).

Just know that I feel comfortable with all of the staff at TTechT. George was our first encounter and we have worked with all. Your people have a good handle on the technology at your level and I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to attempt this job.

Schwieterman Pharmacies,