“Polite and Speedy customer service.”

“Polite and Speedy customer service.”

I was skeptical at first regarding the price, since I also am a penny pinching kind of person. I had heard awesome things about TTechT. After checking around, and they are local the price was similar to the competitors.

We hadn’t backed up our system correctly, or monitored security from hacking/virus before TTechT. It is so easy in today’s world for hackers to gain access to your systems. I needed someone I could trust since they are monitoring our entire system and handling our remote system. TTechT also manages our website, we also have been hacked on our website. Since TTechT monitors the website, they were able to notice the site had been hacked before any damage was done to our website.

One of the biggest benefits to me is, I am able to log on from home/travel and if I have any issues to email or text them and someone calls me back. I have even called Lisa at 5:00 am during our busy season and she has answered the phone to help me, or if she is unable to help me she gets someone who can help me. I don’t mind paying a little more for the extraordinarily response time and the accuracy on the task they complete; you need to pay a little more to make sure your business is secure.

The employees at TT has are awesome, so polite, when I call in and on location. When I need them in an emergency they are there. They come prepared and with a solution to my problem. Choosing TTechT to handle our technology needs I never have to think about our data being protected! I can focus on our core business and know that our technology is “handled”.

Business Manager
Nature’s Green Nursery, Ft. Recovery, Ohio