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We offer expertise in Computer Service, Network Services and Computer Support serving companies throughout Mercer County and surrounding counties

Having 5 to 50 workstations is common with our typical customer. They offer professional business services that have a dependence on e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for operating their businesses. As a result, companies in Celina, St. Henry, Coldwater, Fort Recovery, New Bremen, Mnster, Lima and surrounding areas trust in us to install and support the advanced technologies that run their entire businesses.

Our services are most effective and efficient with clients who:

  • Require reliable and secure IT Management Services for their network infrastructures.
  • Understand technology to be an effective tool for boosting productivity and gaining competitive advantages.
  • Seek a partner in technology that will act as a trusted advisor so that they can improve productivity and make more profits through expert network support.
  • Have resolved to invest in technology to get rid of manual tasks and enjoy clearer communication in their Computer Networks and Communications.

It's not just what we say!

In the words of our customers . . .

"Best IT Services Around"

“Best IT Services Around”

Tomorrow’s Technology Today is the best thing that has happened to Stachler Concrete. The price for their service is worth knowing your company is being monitored and given the service you’re looking for. They are very professional yet personable. You tell them what you need and they do everything they can to accommodate your needs. Our wait time for their service is shorter than any other IT company that we have been with previously. We like the fact that they can monitor our network remotely. It eliminates viruses, hackers, etc. that can happen to a system without your knowing until it’s too late. I would highly recommend Tomorrow’s Technology Today to anyone looking for a reliable technical service.

Stachler Concrete
St. Henry, Ohio

"They always have a Plan"

“They always have a Plan”

I was intrigued by the newsletter that Lisa Urwin mailed out regularly so, when I decided that when we had a problem it was costing me too much time, money, and frustration, they were one of the two companies I called. I could not afford the time to have someone take a few days to fix my computer. I don't know how to set up wireless hardware. It seemed every time I bought a new item it took me at least a day to tie it into what I had.

I felt that we were too small to afford to enroll in this type of service, but I am also smart enough to foresee that if I can't handle installing hardware or even software without a headache, I would have a mess on my hands if we had a catastrophic hack. I bit the bullet and enrolled and am so happy to say the peace of mind has lifted a burden.

I have since talked to other small business owners that I have admired in the area and am surprised at how many of them do not have the protection I have. Since enrolling in the SMaRT service, I can say I have not had any troubles that have delayed my ability to work. I am very happy to know that for less than we pay for any other utility each month, I am covered.

In Lisa's newsletters she wrote of the issues that may not have affected me yet but definitely could. They were issues that I would have never expected could happen and, I needed to know the risk about the potential problems. I could definitely see that when we took our accounting system to the cloud we would be even more vulnerable.

We really don't have a plan as to how we will grow or expand but, I am not worried that we will have a problem adding new hardware and software or that our information won't be safe. I don't have to spend time researching each new feature on the virus protection plans, or worrying that I chose the wrong one. I don't understand most of the jargon anyway. I feel confident letting TTT chose and protect me. They have the plan!

G & L Sales & Service, Yorkshire, Ohio

"Always easy to work with."

“Always easy to work with.”

My name is Becky Dues and I work at Midwest Certified Boom Repair Services Inc. Over the years, we have worked with various IT companies and people and have decided to continue to work with TTechT because of their polite, friendly and knowledge personnel. We had a major computer crash in 2010 and TTechT helped get us back up and running and worked directly with Intuit on or QuickBooks issues. We have since utilized TTechT’s Smart services for continued monitoring on our computers and are alerted if a problem arises. I would highly recommend TTechT to anyone!!

TTechT designed a website for Midwest Certified Boom Repair Services Inc. , Inc. and we were very pleased with the colorful and easy to navigate website. We have received many compliments on our website from our customers. TTechT makes quarterly updates and will make changes as needed, if desired. I would highly recommend TTEchT to design a website for your company.

Midwest Certified Boom Repair Services Inc. Celina, Ohio

"A successful business can’t afford to be down"

“A successful business can’t afford to be down”

Having a reliable, secure, “always on” network is important to our business because, we depend upon the reliable network to communicate with customers, vendors and employees, process customer orders and credit card payments and share data within the office.

Before switching to Lisa’s Services, we were spending too much time and money trying to troubleshoot and repair network issues ourselves. We have the benefit of assurance that if our network goes down for whatever reason we can contact TTechT Support and have a technician available within a reasonable time frame. This allows the employees to stay focused on their job responsibilities and greatly reduce inefficiencies due to the network being down.

We can contact TTechT Support with one click from any workstation to create a ticket. This takes a screenshot of the issue we are having and provides the necessary information to the technician.

We definitely recommend Tomorrow’s Technology Today because, a successful business cannot afford to be down and have employees unable to assist customers in a timely fashion. In addition, TTechT provides data backup, manages software updates and provides spam control so we don’t have to worry about managing those time consuming issues.

S.I. Distributing Inc., Spencerville, Ohio