Facebook—"Can I know who's viewing my profile or how often it's being viewed?"

No, Facebook does not provide the ability to track who is viewing your profile, or parts of your pro file, such as your photos. Applications by outside developers cannot provide this functionality, either. Applications that claim to give you this ability will be removed from Facebook for violating policy.

7 Steps to Good Work Habits Away From the Office

Your laptop was built for doing work away from the office. Making sure your selfdiscipline comes along for the trip is something else.

Many business owners and executives associate an office environment with the will to work. As a result, they fret that they — or their employees — may be less than diligent when working from home or a hotel room.

4 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Technology Investment

How many times have you purchased new software or hardware, and avoided the help menu or user manual? Experts reason that about 90 percent of all features included with software go unused! Much of this comes down to lack of training for individuals using the technology - they use what they know and need most, and avoid anything that would require study or practice to implement.

How Using Mobile Can Change Your Business

Bear with us for a second – we’ve got some statistics. Today nearly 90% of people have a mobile phone (a higher percentage than people with a toothbrush.), and almost 50% of people own smartphones. With affluent adults, nearly 70% own smartphones, and roughly 91% of smartphone users have their cellphones within arms reach 24/7. These numbers will only continue to rise.

Should your Business Update to Windows 8?

Does your business go across platforms?

If your business uses tablets or does any cross platform activities, it would be worth the upgrade. Since Windows 8 works well on PCs and tablets, the transition from one to the other is seamless. Windows 8 also gives more access to SkyDrive, so you can get your documents very easily from home, on the road, or at work.