Empowered Workforce – Data Protection

Data Protection: Can you afford to lose it?

Most businesses have workers that take a lot of the company data with them home or on the road. As the business owner, it has to concern you; What do they have? What can I lose? Can I afford to lose it? What if it gets into the wrong hands?

Data protection from Tomorrow's Technology Today, allows your data to be protected by cutting-edge technology from 2 of the largest vendors on the market. We can look after everything for you!

World-class Data Protection packages from TTechT provide:

  • Standardization – Company apps are all predetermined, setup, and ready to use – no excuses from workers that they couldn’t get it installed; including wifi and VPN
  • Company Data – pushed directly to the devices – sounds risky? By sharing and controlling this data from push – we can revoke it when needed
  • Security – rest assured, passcode locking, multifactor authentication, email encryption ability – everything is covered!
  • Watchful eye – we are able to trace the route of the device; determine if a full remote wipe is necessary; monitoring the data logs of your Office 365;

We pair with all the top-tier names in the technology field, which lets us provide peace of mind to business owners like you. Our data protection services are a true custom solution designed to comply with regulations. This solution is available for iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Try us - your business and budget will thank you.

Risking it all is just too risky.