This doesn’t just mean WAPs and routers need updated. ALL wireless devices should be updated. That means routers, WAPs, laptops, smartphones, EVERYTHING!

Although you can’t get the password unencrypted when capturing random wireless signals, that doesn’t mean you can load up a packet and set it out, confusing communications to give you access. This technically has been around for a very long time, but it’s just now that it was being exploited more frequently.

Now, the severity of the exploit. People are making this out to be a huge deal, and although it is a problem that definitely needs fixed, it is a bit blown out of proportion. Yes, someone outside the network can gain access without the use of a password, but that someone must be within range of the wireless network. Someone in China isn’t getting into our network. This means the exploit is to be used with Wardriving.

What is TTechT going to do about it? Keep up on those patch and firmware updates for all Windows, Mac, anything wireless.

What should you do about this?  If you are traveling, turn on and off your wifi as you need to use it.  I know this in inconvenient, but at this point, is it worth the risk of someone getting all your contacts which include email addresses and phone numbers and start to social engineering...  As of this writing on 10/17/17 10am; Apple and Google have not released a fix to the hack.  So if you are traveling...  turn off your wifi.

If you are a SMaRT client of Tomorrow's Technology Today; we got your office covered!  we are updating nightly - driver and firmware updates as they are released from vendors.  If you are not one of our SMaRT clients.... maybe you want to be?  Contact us!  We can help you get protected!

Thanks to Anthony Westgerdes for his research and insight to the facts on this post!