So I am on my way back from a security conference in Dallas.  I am sitting in the airport waiting on my flight checking emails on my phone.  In pops this email about "We got all information about you" as the subject line.  Word on the street is... be so so careful when you are at security conferences because hackers -- white hats (good guys) and black hats bad guys) are always trying to see what they can do... Yes, I own an IT company, I am always suspicious.  I forward the email to Tony (he is our in house white hat guy) and then call him.  So Tony, whats the scoop.  Internally, I feel like I am calling the doctor to see what he tells me the next diagnosis is...  is it cancer or just a common cold!  Tony proceeds to say...  I was just reading about this last night; you are fine, its fake and you didn't click on anything.  My next question to him... did I somehow get lifted while I was that this conference?  there was 22k people there...  A little out of comfort zone in amount of people in one place.  Fortunately I hung out with the FBI most of the time!  The perks of being President of a Infragard chapter.  Tony proceeds to say, no just a coincidence.

It was a really weird feeling to read that subject line and I am sure many employees would just delete it (maybe after they click).

All is safe for me but remember...  NEVER CLICK unless you absolutely know the source.  If something is out of the ordinary... it is probably a hack.

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