office 2016I upgraded to the Office 2016 products and thinking back; it was at that time I could no longer open an excel or word document from my outlook.  Then I could not open them from a web based report that would send to my outlook.  BUT, if I saved it to a folder I could open it.  I cannot open attachments how am I going to get anything done!

Turns out there is a new setting in the trust center for protected view.  When I showed our techs this setting the comment was... WHY can't Microsoft work with its own products?  Well lets think about it!  They are helping us try to protect us from these attachments the hackers are sending via email blasts.  I can't count all the computers we have cleaned up that have been infected from someone opening an infected attachment.  So I will tell you how to turn that feature off, but REMEMBER do this with caution!  I would really think before turning this feature off - the work flow they want you to use is save the file locally and then open it from your local drive.  This is the best way to stay protected!

You will need to do this in EACH Microsoft product you use to open outlook attachments OR web based generation documents.

File - Options - Trust Center - Trust Center Settings button
screen print 2 Protected View
UNCHECK Enabled Protected View for files originating from the internet
CHECK Enabled Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations
UNCHECK Enabled Protected View for Outlook attachments

screen print 1