ThingLink – A New Way to Tag Photos

The above picture is an example of ThingLink. ThingLink is an app that allows you to tag images with all types of rich content that makes your images more interesting and engaging. You can link your picture to places to buy products, Youtube videos, provide descriptions, and just about anywhere else. This provides a great opportunity for small businesses.

One problem I have is trying to find new content. I want to provide the best content possible to our customers and people who read the blog, but it is difficult to constantly be finding new interesting things on top of other day-to-day activities. Being a small business makes this even harder because it is usually just one person (if anyone at all) coming up with new content. ThingLink makes this process a little bit easier because all you need is a picture and a few details about it, and all of the sudden you have an interesting thing to post on social media. Not only that, but these pictures can drive traffic much higher and make social media easier for businesses.

As we mentioned before, these pictures are engaging. When people see something like this, they are more likely to interact with it and become more interested in your whatever it is you are posting. Then while they are interested, they see a link to where they can buy the product, or just to your website. This means at the very least you are driving traffic to your site, and if you have an eCommerce site you will be boosting sales.

ThingLink is also great for inbound marketing efforts. Inbound marketing is so important for business because it brings in customers that are looking for you. There is very little waste associated with inbound marketing, which is why it will be superior to traditional outbound marketing in the future. The most important factors for inbound marketing is interesting, relevant, useful, and actionable content. If you use ThingLink correctly, it could help every one of these factors. Pictures and videos are interesting, with the right message it will become relevant, you can provide links to blogs or descriptions that are useful, and links to where to buy products which is actionable. ThingLink will not make or break your inbound marketing efforts, but it can certainly help.

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