Phone Size Standardization and the New Galaxy Mega


So Samsung has announced a new phone called the Galaxy Mega, and this thing is huge. It may actually be too big. Perhaps I would like it more if I had larger pockets, or if I carried a satchel or "murse." The screen display is 6.3", and that got me thinking about something one of my professors said about product standardization (I can't remember if that is the exact term he used).

product lifecycle

The example he gave was about magazines. He asked everyone to picture a magazine in their head. Then he proceeded to go around the room and ask people what they pictured, and  pretty much everyone in the room pictured the exact same item. This is because overtime magazines have come up with the optimal proportions, and there are only a few exceptions to the rule, like Readers Digest. This happens because over time businesses learn what their customers like, and one standard size dominates. This process doesn't just apply to magazines, it is a natural part of the product lifecycle.

cell-phone-tiny-1The question is, what is going to be the standard size for phones? Will the tablet and the phone merge together into one device? Will the two stay separate? I don't have the answers to these questions (that doesn't stop me from answering them) so leave your input in the comments section. Be creative.

My opinion is that the two devices will stay separate, but we will see them trend differently. Phones will get bigger to replace the portable tablets, and tablets will replace laptops and desktop, and they will start to get humongous. They will probably even double as our flat screen TV's. I hold this opinion because I currently have an iPhone 5, and there are lots of times that I wish it was bigger. I also think it is redundant to have two portable touch screens. Last, I think touch screens are the way of the future, and if we have one product that stays at home the people tend to agree that bigger is better. Think big screen TV's.

I've been trying to resist this, but I can't anymore.

I've been trying to resist this, but I can't anymore.

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