15 Signs that Your Life is Going Too High-Tech

Baby with a smartphone

1. Your daughter is selling  Girl Scout Cookies on her Web site.

2. The concept of using real money is becoming foreign to you.

3. Cleaning up the dining area means getting the fast food bags out of the back seat of your car.

4. The only jokes you "hear" come by e-mail.

5. Your cereal box says, “visit us online”, and you do.

6. You consider 2nd day air delivery painfully slow.

7. The reason you don't keep in touch with some of your family: They don't have e-mail addresses.

8. You chat with a stranger from South Africa, but you haven't spoken to your next door neighbor in more than a year.

9. The computer you bought last week is now outdated and selling for half price.

10. You instant message your son in his room saying dinner is ready. He replied back to ask what you're having.

11. You order take-out food online.

12. You can have more meaningful conversations with your car than your spouse.

13. You can turn your lights on, open the garage door, turn up your stereo, and see your back yard without leaving your computer.

14. You have 5 remote controls in your living room to operate one TV.

15. Your dog has an e-mail address.

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