Facebook Updates

For those that don’t remember Facebook’s IPO, let’s just say it was less than stellar. This is because businesses aren’t sure how effective the ads on Facebook are, but Facebook is trying to change this.

They are redesigning the newsfeed so more people are engaged. They say they want bigger pictures, more vibrant videos, and more engaging ads. They are also working on fine tuning their targeting systems, so companies have better ways to target customers. Facebook thinks this is a good way to attract more advertisers to the site because ads are the main way the site makes money.facebook thumbnail

Facebook has a feature called highlight that allows users to pay a fee so their statuses will be seen by more people. Businesses and people can use this feature. It is rumored that they are going to be allowing more paid posts to show up on your newsfeed, and they will be suppressing unpaid posts.  This sounds like some business will be very happy with the updates, but it does not sound like the changes have anything to do with the consumers. In fact, this actually sounds like Facebook is forgetting about its users to make advertisers happier. Maybe Facebook is feeling some pressure from its stockholders to generate more revenue.



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